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P.T – most every game scary virtual world, Konami was wiped out for some reason will be that perhaps we did not want to know as 3334c2b03535e280b24e20313338c2b03139e280b245.

“3334c2b03535e280b24e20313338c2b03139e280b245” – I Love You, Lisa

Sequel posts by author D.R. Pattison about why horror games are Konami wiped PT: We still anticipate what’s to come based on the programming, so most of us are not interested in an act of what makes Lisa .. her weakness and loss of control. Mist began to fade, and though she can affect the room temperature, we still can wear more clothes. Lisa even add virtual image on the food, but we know just the trick. The first two weeks is extremely difficult indeed, when Lisa turned into a piece of chicken and pizza plug fetal death filled teeth or tongue person .. But she can only change the outer shape can not change the border for. Every day she again squeeze the energy we take part. But we still have to eat, to drink could convince, despite them carrying Whatever shape. We are the engine that makes the horror game. Nothing that we did not know about his tricks.

But after the first week, a team member suggested: “What happens if we programmed a similar game, also have the ability to change the environment around them. It’s just that instead of change it will eliminate Lisa added things? ” And so the first ray of hope to us. We can not believe I did not think of this before. We progress step by step, the first is to remove the ability to change the image of Lisa and then the sound. It works, but that made Lisa indeed be crazy over. She appeared more and more, and do everything possible to prevent further programming team. But every day we were excellent against Lisa software. Last night we removed the ability to change the image of her food. We drink water as if sipping a bottle of this 10 year old.

And then we ruin everything in his hands. It happened when we tried to eliminate the possibility of Lisa physical impact to the real world. She was becoming more and more desperate, but also the ability and more powerful, so strong that even if the image was removed, but interactivity is still there. Sometimes things can bump into someone in the group of people, or grabbed myself between space .. The walls can even appear and disappear in a snap. We want to completely eliminate the ability of Lisa in the real world impact. So we removed the entire programming RNG. Initially we thought we would succeed. There is no code that allows Lisa to appear again. But when the fog came back, we realized he removed the code allows Lisa disappeared. We had accidentally erase algorithms associated with Lisa. Now she works discretion instead of tied to the rules as before. Our boss call a few minutes before, only calls within this month. He said his daughter cried as a “scary certain woman behind a chair with characteristic black eyes” .. His daughter never used Google Glass, had never previously played .. Lisa PT from that.

She knows. Right from the start she knew exactly what she would do. We think we’ve liberated Lisa but we never truly control that frees her to. We should have seen it, to look out this disastrous mistake. Lisa began to appear more and more. She was joking around with us, made us psychosis and become uncontrollable panic. Sometimes she distorts food images, but sometimes she makes things more disgusting. Right now recognize mistakes, we try to replace the new code. But then we realized that there is no code to operate at all. Seven days later, everything related to programming entirely disappeared, and then Lisa began.

Whenever someone sleeping, crying babies to an uproar throughout the room. We only slept when she let us sleep. Even a morning for three hours, no one in the team can see me .. They think my body is hanging upside down on the ceiling fan. When they tried to put me down, I suddenly come alive, taking his hand and eating abdominal incision swung the main things that has flux. Some people started screaming, others even suicidal. But what they intended to kill themselves is not even real. Why is she doing this? Why did she want to torture us while keeping us alive this far? Most peaceful period of time is when we sit at the computer and started programming, but any attempt to rebuild the old software were unsuccessful. She began to reflect the image of our loved ones, for the death and torture them physically. She even began to change shape clothes people. Last night she forced me to “wear” the skin of his mother.

I did not cry nor scream anymore. I simply accepted it. We do things she wanted us to do. I sent an email, change the code, even sabotage the titles that we have developed. I do not care because she had won. The only thing I can do is laugh at but yesterday she took both my voice. During the two months I ate dead body in an organ bath and sleep next to a fetus crying bitterly. Sometimes she took away the eyes, ears sometimes. During the week she replaced the ability of the skin to feel my pain only. All are true. All. If not why she can do it? She is no longer a virtual reality anymore, she changed it. Was it not because of her, because this is the reality? Had I still like this so far? I have to be the one you think? Just me in this house?

Now she’s always laughing at me. As if all that she wanted was to make me happy. She knows what I want, what I hope. My horror masterpiece. She only did that because I was alone, I realized it now. Lisa loves me more than anything else, and I love her. Thinking back to what had happened, whether there any other reason? And why does she not love me? I do not deserve to love? Did not like that family? Love and care for each other? I love her, I love my life, where I was at and daughter that we raised. We could not be happier. Even now I still hear the laughter of children rang out from the hospital. Today I’ve been working quite a lot already. After adding this code I would to see Lisa and daughter. I thought I heard Lisa Where are knit and savor the smell of barbecue in the room. Just one line of code for a horror game away. Something must have been at fault, but this code will fix it all. Then I can focus on the most important things of my life.


I love you, Lisa



If encoded in hexadecimal will indicate 34 ° 55’N coordinates 138 ° 19’E – a remote area of Fujieda, Shizuoka prefecture, Japan.