Medical Insurance in Vietnam


Sometimes I get some really good tips in the comments section of prior posts from readers of my blog but they may get overlooked just because few people reread the older posts.  For instance, one of the pressing issues for expats that want to live in Vietnam is that of medical/health insurance.  I keep up with most of the popular expat blogs and forums and I don’t recall anyone really tackling this issue.

A reader named Mike asked about the availability of medical insurance in Vietnam in the comment section of my “How to get a 5 Year Visa Exemption” post and two of my blog readers were kind enough to answer this very question.  As I personally found it difficult to find someone that could point me in the right direction I thought the answers were important enough to include in a separate post.  Thank you for Anders from Expat.Vn and Royby for their replies!!

Franco-Vietnamese Hospital in Saigon
Franco-Vietnamese Hospital in Saigon

Anders recommends Bao Viet insurance:

“I use Bao Viet insurance for me an my staff, we are quite happy so far but then again we are all young and (pretty) healthy. I normally go to a small clinic on Dien Bien Phu St. when I have some problem and they have been better than my local clinic in Sweden so far when it comes to dealing with ear infections etc. And Bao Viet insurance has covered all meds and all visits without blinking so far. Bao Viet is also really cheap.”

I asked Anders how much the yearly premium was via email and he replied:

“I don’t really remember, but its something like $240/year. Honestly I am not 100% what it covers and what not, but for my needs its alright.”

And today another reader named Royby put in his own recommendation:

“I use Vien Dong Pacific for my medical insurance. They are a member of the Pacific Cross group of companies and are also known as Blue Cross Vietnam. I discovered them by visiting a couple of the clinics in town and asking who they would recommend for my insurance.

Their premiums are approx. half those of the Bao Viet group and to date I have had no problems with any claims I have made (although I’ve only made 3 claims). I have been with them now for 12 months.

I am currently 60 years of age so my premiums are getting up there but I am currently paying US$1,231.00 for maxi care inpatient and US$615.00 for outpatient for a comprehensive cover. I’m in the process of dropping the outpatient because I really only want to be covered for some disaster like a bad accident or serious illness that requires medical evacuation. Now that can be expensive!

Unfortunately though, after 65 even Blue Cross premiums will be way too expensive so I may be forced to either return to Australia where all of my medical is covered or continue to live here with no cover.

Does anybody know of an insurer who will cover you for a medical disaster only?”

In Conclusion:

As it is in the States….the premiums may vary drastically according to your age and current state of health.  Please contact the insurance companies directly for up to date quotes.  I would appreciate any other additional recommendations or clarifications regarding health care and medical insurance in Vietnam.  Again thanks to all the comments that add so much to this blog.

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